I am a Mother, Wife, worship leader, entrepreneur, real estate agent, health and wellness advocate, a Constitutionalist, and above all else… a follower of Jesus Christ.

I lived my entire life in California.  It was a great place to grow up, but as California morphed into a one-party state the quality of life I had known was being degraded.

In May of 2020, during the first Covid lockdown, my husband and I moved to Minnesota to care for his elderly parents.  As I surveyed the political landscape of Minnesota I quickly came to understand that this state is only a couple of steps behind California's disastrous progressive agenda. As I watched I became exceedingly distressed by the government’s ever-increasing infringement on our liberties and our elected officials’ failure to represent us.  

So I asked myself the question, "What can I do?”.  The answer was one of two choices — do nothing and be part of the problem or take action and become part of the solution.

For far too long, we have been subjected to politicians that are unresponsive to what we want and dismissive of what we deserve.  I think it's time for a change.

This is the path that has led me to run for the State House.

As your State Representative, I will:

  • Fight for your hard earned income
  • Stand up against wreckless spending
  • Defend, don't defund, the police

Say “no” to business as usual in St Paul by sending me to the Capitol as your Representative.  Together, we can make meaningful change in the lives of Minnesotans.

I am Wendy Phillips, and I ask for your vote in November.