Over the past year, I have talked with countless numbers of people in our own community who have been let down by our State and Federal Government.

I am running for State Representative in House District 25A to be the listener that our community needs.

I pray that I earn your vote. 





Inflation - Gas, Food & Energy Prices:

  • With skyrocketing prices across the board, it is getting harder and harder to take care of a household.
  • There are several things the legislature can do to alleviate some pressure, like suspending the gas tax and returning the taxpayer surplus.
  • The legislature must also take action to investigate the effects of hyperinflation and its impact on Minnesotans.



  • Minnesota has imposed an excessive tax burden on the citizens of our state.
  • It's time to alleviate some of the pressure by lowering the income tax and ending the tax on social security income
  • Refund the overtaxed $9 Billion budget surplus.


Public Safety:

  • Crime is at an all-time high in Minnesota. Common sense reform is needed. This includes harsher penalties for carjackings, ending non-profit bailout organizations, and holding Judges and Prosecutors accountable to enforce existing laws.
  • Wendy is endorsed by the Police and Peace Officer’s Association and will fight for the reduction of crime.



  • The Minnesota Department of Education recently reported that Reading, Math, and Science skills have drastically dropped over the past two years.
  • Minnesota must put its students on a path to success by supporting school choice. Providing parents with a wider variety of school choices for their student(s) will create higher expectations within the education system. Then, we must equip teachers to support and inspire students to meet those high standards that will best serve them later in life.
  • We must also address the issue of unruly students in the classroom if we desire to produce responsible, respectful, law-abiding citizens and future leaders.
  • In addition, parents must have a greater voice at the table and should be able to view their student’s curriculum so they can better help them succeed.



  • Wendy is pro-life, and believes life begins at conception.


Serving Our Rural Communities:

  • Minnesota’s bureaucratic structure is crippling our farms and small towns. Wendy will fight for ending taxes on fertilizer and reforming estate taxes that target family farms. Wendy will work side by side with farmers in search of free market solutions to broadband internet expansion and rural road development.
  • Wendy will also fight for a ban on foreign ownership of farmland in Minnesota so that no monopoly on farming can be made by big corporations.



  • Wendy will fight for hard-working Minnesotans who struggle to afford healthcare. This includes fighting for price transparency, standing up to Big Pharma, and opening up interstate competition for health care plans.
  • If a couple decides to have a child, the state should have their back. Wendy supports a Family & Maternity Leave program sponsored through tax credits to employers who offer it.